Here are just a few ways to help with improving your body image:

How often do we hear ourselves and other people wishing for the body they had 20 years ago? Life was probably much different and often easier for us back then. Bodies change over time and that’s ok. Accept that 40 year old you may never look like 18 year old you again

The media lacks representation of ALL bodies. How better people’s self-esteem would be if they saw themselves represented in day to day tv shows, magazines, films etc. Bodies are diverse. Follow accounts that represent bodies of all shapes, sizes and abilities and develop an appreciation for our differences

Buy clothes that fit well and feel comfortable. I have wasted so much money on “one day” clothes that never ended up fitting. Ignore the size label and buy what fits. Follow fashion bloggers for outfit inspiration. @nerdabouttown (Stephanie Yeboah) has a fashion blog and regularly posts outfit reviews on their stories. Their looks are AMAZING

Stop comparing yourself to others. Comparison truly is the thief of joy. We weren’t created to look the same. You could have 2 people with the exact same lifestyle and they may look totally different to each other. Learn to appreciate our differences and be less judgmental of other people’s bodies. This can help you to be less judgemental of your own